brizhan300Welcome to the official website of the Ukrainian public organization «UNIMA-UKRAINE».

We work in UNIMA-UKRAINE volunteer with one main purpose - to promote and popularize the art of puppet theater advocating human values, because this kind of theatrical art is a powerful means of moral and aesthetic education ...  Or just - we do it, because we like it, and we do not want to do anything else.

Dear puppeteers!

This site is born so each of you could fill it alive real content. All of you create this site. Each of you.

This is a platform to promote ideas for puppet theater.

And a library of drama.

And a place to collect and systemize information about the art of puppet theater in the world and Ukraine, where everyone can be published - from student of theater universities in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, who is writing term papers or research studies, to publicly recognized expert who writes critical problematic articles on certain aspects of puppet art.

The site also will contain thoughts about the profession of actors, directors, artists, rich but scattered teacher`s experience, ideas and achievements of directors and other people in love with our craft.

We are interested in the creative biography of actors, directors, artists and anyone devoted to Puppet Theatre, the history of each theater.

We hope for the memories of veterans of the scene.

Teachers and technologists of Puppet Theatre can share their thoughts, their discoveries and achievements - mechanics, materials, texture, small, but important secrets discovered through their persistent search (even secret manufacturing of glue for papier-mache (because I know - each has his own, as Viktor Nikitin, who do not know - ask), incredibly elegant and easy to use technological creations of Michael Yaremchuk and his only project in Ukraine Theatre - laboratory worth special attention ...)

I am sure that each of you has something to share.

All you can fill this virtual, so far, absolutely real substance with the specific content of your creative life,  to tell about your premieres, interesting creative and educational actions, trips, festivals, independent works, important events. Your theater should leave a footprint on the site, because this is the invaluable experience, as the whole experience of generations of puppeteers before us. So we write a story that will follow us. And it will become the encyclopedia of the puppet theatre in Ukraine. And why not to dream?

Of course, the site has not been fully worked out in the fields, but I am confident that with your help it will be quickly fixed. So, we are waiting for suggestions!
In today's environment site seems to me a powerful means of communication and professional development. It will help us to fulfill the tasks of UNIMA, and will be our common step in the information society.

So, have a talk, because we are worth it!

President of UNIMA - Ukraine,
Honored Artist of Ukraine
Sergey Brizhan


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